How it Works

When you join our vision of giving a helping hand to the needy, less privileged, widows, motherless, and the disabled, you become our help partner, and as our partner will believe in making your life meaningful.

The touch and empowerment that we give begin with you. We affect your (our members) life first, change your life for the better, and empower you financially. When you pay a one-time membership fee of $90.91, you become our partner and have the privilege of enjoying among other things:

Humanitarian services - Check our product and services page for details

Asset/Property support service

Trade and skill acquisition service

Income opportunity

Income opportunity

Free Gadgets/Household Appliances

Brand new car

Yearly global pool

House of your own

All expenses paid trip

Infinity Bonus

Residual income for life

Free educational fund for your children

Now because we want to touch and empower people globally, members are required to introduce at least two (2) persons and these two (2) will have to do the same to enjoy all benefits listed above plus others in our compensation plan and reward.

Our system works in a binary 2 x 2 and 2 x 5 matrix. As our help partner, you are in a 2 x 2 matrix which is the "Associate stage. The stage is a feeder matrix feeding the rest 2 x 5 stages. It is a forced matrix with spill-over and spill-under effect- which means that the width is not more than 2 and every additional referral will be forced down into your matrix, causing massive spill-over and still under, making your matrix fill faster. It is the best in the industry and highly profitable. That is why it is easy for our members to start making money immediately.

Members earn money in 5 stages and are paid in 12 multiple ways.

Our compensation plan is highly profitable and unbeatable, the highest in the MLM industry, it is meant to cause regular cash flow for our members. Most companies that run the same matrix system only pay their members when the matrix is filled, but here - No, we don't want you to wait for your matrix to get filled before you are paid. We pay you every level and also when your matrix is completely filled. This is the cash flow system check our unbeatable compensation plan for details.

The 5 stages are:

Stage 1 is called ASSOCIATE

Stage 2 is called MASTER'S

Stage 3 is called SUPER MASTER

Stage 4 is called MINISTER

Stage 5 is called PRIME MINISTER



As an ASSOCIATE member your Helping Hands International Concept Ltd account is enabled to sponsor and introduce others with your referral link or direct referring. You can then introduce at least 2 and these 2 introduce their own 2 each. $12 for each person you introduced. So if you introduce all 6 in your foundation matrix, you get $12 x 6 = $60 instantly plus a $15 matrix bonus making it a total of $87. If you introduced at least 2 members - you make $39, of your investment back the same day. Incredible right? How much more when you introduce all 6 in your matrix, you will make $70 that is over 150% return-wonderful! So what are you waiting for call friends and relations, refer as many as you can and rake in good money?

When the 2 you brought also brought 2 each directly or indirectly with the help of spill-over effect.

As you collect your matrix bonus, your account status is automatically set to display your e-wallet update.



As those in your matrix (6 in total) fills their matrix and collect their associate matrix bonus (at least $39), they follow you down to the master's stage which is a 2 by 5 forced matrix, with the spill under effect your matrix is filled faster, because, with this matrix system, you don't lose your matrix members. Unlike breakaway or board splitting system where all your downlinks are scattered, making it difficult for you to grow. As your direct and indirect passes through the feeder matrix, they collect $39 (if they refer only 2) and you will earn $1,470 as your matrix bonus.

NB: The system causes a regular cash flow for members; you don't have to wait for the matrix to get filled. You collect money as you progress and another when it’s completely filled.

-In addition to $1,050, you will get TABLET OR GAS COOKER, TELEVISION, FRIDGE, FREEZER, WASHING MACHINE, ANDROID PHONE worth $606. (You can also collect a cash equivalent of $606).

MATCHING BONUS: This is another way for members to earn from their direct referrals. You get a 10% matching bonus each time your direct referral completes a stage, $147 is paid to direct up the line. Matching bonus runs from stage 2 to 5.

As this is happening your helping hand account is automatically changed too.



As those in your 2 x 5 matrix turn master, you will receive $2000from level 1-5 and another $3000 when the matrix is filled up three things will happen simultaneously

As you get paid the balance of $3000

Your direct uplink will receive a Matching Bonus of $250 and

Your status will automatically change to Super Master


Brand new Hyundai car worth $44,000 or collect a cash equivalent of $22,000.

You will be required to recommend two persons for empowerment. Both will receive $500 each. Now, you are not only changing your life but you are affecting the lives of others and changing their lives for the better. It's a priceless service. Whether you make yourself available to a friend or co-worker, or less privileged, there is nothing that harvests more of a feeling of empowerment than being of service to someone in need.

Give a helping hand today! Invite someone to join us today!!



As those in your matrix turn Super Master, you will receive $2600 from level 1-5 of the matrix and another $5000when your matrix is completed, Totaling = $7600 matrix bonus, simultaneously your uplink will receive $380 as a matching bonus and your position changed to Prime Minister.

In addition to a cash bonus of $7600, you will get.

Executive Car (SUV) - Worth $70,000 or collect a cash equivalent of $30,000.

$2,000 empowerment for one motherless home or disabled home in your neighborhood.

Interest-Free Business Support Fund – up to $12,000 (no collateral is required)



This is the last stage and it's just 2 x 2 Matrix, when 6 members of your previous matrix join you in the prime minister's stage, you will receive $23,000 paid in two levels, and 5% matching to your uplink.

$3000 paid as you fill your level 1

Plus another

$20,000 paid when the matrix completely filled up (that is level 2).

As you complete the last stage (prime minister's stage) you get all necessary reward and incentives as follows:

Housing fund - $150,000

Complete stage 5 and get an extra $3030 

All Expense paid Int’l Trip - $5000

Educational fund - $2,000

Yearly Infinity Bonus - $5000

5% Matching Bonus to an uplink - $1150

Members Grant- Up to $44,000


Plus a re-entry into prime minister's stage, again and again, Enjoy more benefits and incentives again and again as matrix is being filled. Each time there is a re-entry into the prime minister's Matrix, $600 is being deducted automatically and such status is changed with star two (**) indicating the second tenure, third tenure entry is Star 3 (***), this is to differentiate a Prime Minister from 2nd tenure or 3rd tenure prime minister or 4th up to the 6th tenure prime minister.

When a prime minister attains the 6th-star level, as he is about to start the 7th tenure he is given an opportunity to occupy one of our prestigious position as a Director (TRUSTEE). Board of TRUSTEE is a most coveted position in Helping Hands International Concept Ltd, with mouthwatering and enticing benefits and lots of luxuries and fulfillment packages.



Members who complete Prime Minister's stage 6 times and on the 7th tenure he is entered into a new 2 x 3 matrix called TRUSTEE MATRIX will have the privilege of becoming our Board Member- one of our Directors.

To enter into TRUSTEE STAGE, such a member must have completed the prime minister's stage 6 times (with 6 start****** indicating the number of times as a prime minister).

On the 7th time you will be placed on top of a "TRUSTEE" 2 x 3 matrix which requires 2 in your 1st level. 4 on your 2nd level and 8 on your last level, when this 2 x 3 matrix is completely filled you will be contacted and a congratulatory mail will be sent to you and all benefits paid.

Find below the benefits of a Trustee (director):

Trustee Bonus (paid once) --- $80,000

Enjoy global profit pool yearly.($10,000)

Residual Income for Life—($10,000)

Become a director in charge of the next-in-line-country to be Launched- (With 1% commission on all sign-ups from such country)

Automatic yearly qualification to attend our AGM Abroad.

As a director, you are entitled to recommend yearly:

- 2 Orphans from any Orphanage home (in your neighborhood) for the scholarship award.

- Scholarship Award for 2 people who must be from the religious settings that you belong (church or mosque) All of these people shall be empowered the same day after being investigated.

NOTE: For you to attain this DIRECTOR position, 4 of your direct referrals must be on this matrix (2x 3), which means that 4 members you directly refer must be somewhere from level 1-3 of your 2 x 3 TRUSTEE matrix.

This is the goal of every of our help partners, go for it and become a director, board of TRUSTEE members of our Multi-billion dollar Corporation.