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The H2i opportunity provides you with lots and lots of empowerment and life changing opportunities.

By providing you with multiple streams of income opportunity, you can live a better lifestyle , enjoy luxuries of life, spend good time with your family, take vacations, be successful and live your dream.

Helping Hands International Concept Ltd is giving you the OPPORTUNITY to make extra income and build a part time business of your own. By simply getting others to Join us as we help the less privilege, empowering people and touching lives.

You might have decided that you only want to partake of the humanitarian and empowerment services, it is up to you! Some people find it good enough to get to a stage where they qualify for a brand new car. To some the house stage - maybe that is your dream - it is up to you.

Some people take it further by building a network of individuals which EARN them enough to achieve their dreams like giving their children a better education, or being able to provide for the basic needs of their family or driving a brand new car or living in their own house? Maybe that is your dream.

Some others are so good at this type of referral business, that they do it full time and make life changing money and become H2i Prime Ministers and Shareholders. They build successful and sustainable business and run these on a FULL-TIME basis. It is your dream – live it!

Which type of H2i will you be?

Whichever route you take, we will support you, help you and move forward with you and give you the best chance of success. "You are not on this journey by yourself. We are here with you every step of the way".

There are 15 multiple ways you earn with our reward plan.

Referral Bonus - We reward our partners for getting others to join us. 20% referral bonus is paid for referring others.

Matrix Bonus - his is an amount earned in every matrix stage. We intend this compensation plan to cause regular cash flow for members that is why you can earn money even before your matrix gets filled up. You get paid on every level of your matrix and also when the matrix is completely filled up. For example in stage 2 matrix (Master's) where you have 2x 5 matrix, that means you have 5 levels and as you progress through this levels you earn along the way, you will be paid in level 1, also in level 2, likewise in level 3 and again in level 4 and finally you get paid in level 5. This type of payment plan causes cash flow for members and that is our plan for you.

Matching Bonus - Since this is a people helping people to succeed vision, we reward you our members for referring and helping your direct down link, because we know that you've put in a lot to get your referrals to signed up, then you deserve the reward; You will get 10% of the matrix bonus paid for every of your direct referral who completes a matrix, starting from stage 2. When your direct referral earn $1000 in MASTER'S STAGE you will get $100, $300 in SUPER MASTER'S stage, $600 in MINISTER'S stage and $1200 when each of your direct referrals completes PRIME MINISTER'S stage.

Mega Ref. Bonus - This is for senior partners, members from stage 4. Instead of getting $8 (20%) referral bonus they get $10 (33%) when they refer people directly with their referral link.

Yearly Infinity Bonus - Helping hands international Concept Ltd reward hard work. This is a way of sharing from the organizations global profit pool and this is paid yearly as residual income to members that has completed the 5 stages.

Yearly Global Pool – This bonus is paid to Trustee members only and it is paid yearly. Prime Minister's member must have done 6 tenures to enjoy this yearly bonus. It is opportunity given to members to share global profit with the organization

Yearly Residual Income - like the global pool bonus, yearly residual income is paid to Trustee members only. This bonus replaces the normal infinity bonus paid in stage 5 – prime minister's stage.

Child Educational Fund - In our bid of giving support and encouraging better legacy envisioned by our members to their children or wards, we give scholarship award to members' children/ward in form of educational fund. $2,000 is made available for 2 children, to help support our members in this high cost of education.

NOTE: To enjoy this, members must have completed all 5 matrixes; meaning must have completed Prime Minister's stage.

Housing Fund -Every man's dream is to own and live in their dream home. That is why one of our empowerment packages is to empower you to own and live in your own house, by rewarding your hard work with housing fund of $40,000 when your prime Minister's matrix (stage 5) is completely filled. And this you can earn over and over again.

Brand New Car -  Helping hands International Concept Ltd reward you with 2 brand new car. It is every mans' dream to drive brand new car, The first car is given to you out rightly in stage 3 and the second car – an executive one is given when your stage 4 matrix is filled.

Interest FREE Fund - To help empower your business, as member of Helping hands international Concept Ltd, you have access to business, asset and property Fund of between $12,000 - $44, 000. With this you can execute that project in grand style.

FREE International Trip - It is all said and done, that so many people work around the clock but not all take vacation from year to year, to some it is the lack of money that made them a perpetual workaholic, while so many are time constraint, By becoming our help partner we make both available to you, we take you on free vacation abroad with all expenses paid. This luxury trip abroad is a reward for your effort in promoting.

Plus Other Incentives worth Over $200,000

Helping hands international Concept Ltd strategically designed incentives, rewards and recognitions to improve the business and earnings of hard working members. The most exciting part here is that it actually pays you to improve your earnings. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? It actually rewards you to earn more money and awards like; Brand new car, house of your own, all expense pay trip abroad, business Fund, skill empowerment, and many more - see compensation plan for details.

DO YOU WANTS TO LIVE YOUR DREAM? Then don't pass-up this opportunity of earning great income paid to you as you progress from stage to stage.

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